WiteninTeeth whitening is a simple and effective procedure to improve and enhance your beautiful smile.

This treatment will allow you to have a fresher look, cleaner smile and younger appearance. Generally teeth can become stained due to heavy smoking, certain drinks (tea, coffee) and a variety of food.

The treatment we provide at WDP will be completed with a proven excellent results!

How it works

We will initially start by de-scaling your teeth from any plaque, stains and tartar build ups. A special digital tooth shade-guide will be used to determine the current shade of your teeth.

Dental impressions will be taken to prepare a customized clear tray for your teeth. Once this is ready, you will be provided with both the trays and a special medically approved Carbamide or Hydrogen peroxide gel for an initial 14 days home use.

Once this procedure is completed, you will be recalled for a review, where we will re-assess the shade of your teeth and record the progress. Should the shade will still be insufficiently white, we will repeat the initial stage, until we are able to get the desirable result.

This is a safe, long term and most predictable procedure, which will enhance your teeth colour and make you very confident.

Dental Veneers

Veneers WdpDental veneers are thin porcelain or highly polished composite layers, which covers permanently the front surface of your teeth. Generally veneers require minimal preparation of the natural tooth surface and therefore considered more conservative to crowns.

Dental veneers can be used in conjunction with other dental treatments, such as orthodontics, full smile makeover or the replacement of old fillings to enhance a whiter and healthier smile.

How it works

Following a thorough assessment, which often consists of full set of clinical photographs, study model impressions and X-rays to assess the health of your teeth, you will return for the procedure or preparing your teeth for the thin ceramic veneers.

Discoloured, cracked and chipped teeth could benefit from a veneer, as a permanent treatment. A thin layer of the tooth surface is removed with a high speed drill and precise impressions will be taken and sent to the lab.

Temporary veneers will be placed on your teeth for a short term, while the permanent ones are being made by the dental lab.

Once the veneer returns from the lab, your teeth will be dried and the veneer  will be fitted permanently to protect the tooth underneath.

This is a painless and safe method to improve the shape of damaged teeth, while still keeping most of the natural tooth structure.


Laser dentistry became an easily accessible option and an excellent choice when manipulating soft tissues at the dental surgery.

The results with dental lasers are immediate and involve very little discomfort if any.

Please find below a few examples of where the laser can be applied.


Here is an example of how we use the laser diode in every day dental treatments:


This patient has lost a crown, leaving him with a retained root, which is not suitable for a new crown retention.

All treatment options given to the patient including an attempt to save the tooth.

When this choice been made, a laser diode was used to cut the soft tissues around the root and allow a better retention for the future crown.

A radiograph showing the root canal treatment as been already performed a long while ago. Also, the soft tissues were very thick, allowing re-contouring and gaining of the required ‘Ferrule effect’.

Despite the bone loss, around the root, the tooth was very stable and suitable for the treatment.

Next, the tooth was reinforced with a white glass fibre post.


Only then, the soft tissues were manipulated to allow a 3-4mm of natural tooth structure for better retention.

Eventually following 3 weeks of full healing, the  abutment was restored with a full porcelain eMAX crown.

Conscious sedation

SedaConscious sedation is defined as:

“A technique in which the use of a drug or drugs produces a state of depression of the nervous system enabling treatment to be carried out, but during which verbal contact with the patient is maintained throughout the period of sedation. The drugs and techniques used to provide conscious sedation for dental treatment should carry a margin of safety wide enough to render loss of consciousness unlikely”

At Wallisdown Dental practice, we offer an i.v concessions sedation in conjunction with dental treatments.

The sedation is delivered by a specialist anaesthesiologist consultant.

Conscious Sedation Goals:

• To decrease your anxiety, fear, and discomfort

• To facilitate an overall relaxed, comfortable experience during a dental treatment

• To shorten your recovery period after the treatment

• To maximise your dental treatment’s cost-effectiveness

• To ensure your maximum safety during the procedure

Conscious Sedation Advantages

• Makes the entire procedure a more pleasant and comfortable experience

• Maximum convenience for both you, and the dentist/dental surgeon

• Increased cost-effectiveness as there are fewer side effects, and no hospital confinement

• Quicker recovery period translates to shorter time off from your busy schedule

What is sedation?

An effective way to treat the most nervous of patients is via intravenous sedation (injection). The drugs have a relaxing and calming effect but don’t prevent communication between dentist and patient so treatment can still be carried out easily. Weight, age and medical condition must be assessed before suitability for this kind of sedation is determined but this would all be discussed during the consultation with the dentist. Usually the patient would need to be referred to a specialist clinic for this treatment.

How will IV sedation in the surgery affect me?

Whilst IV sedation will make you drowsy and unaware of the treatment you are undergoing, you will remain lucid enough to communicate and cooperate with the dental team. The effects of the sedative will take time to wear off and you won’t be able to drink alcohol, drive or work machinery during this time so it is important that someone can help you home after treatment and keep a careful eye on you for sometime afterwards. Your dentist will tell you how long it will be before the drugs are completely clear from your body.


Will I ever feel differently about visiting the dentist?

It is highly likely! As you get to know and trust your dentist, hygienist and other members of the dental team at your practice, your fears will dampen. In time you will come to see your regular visit to the dentist as just another part of your normal life.

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