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Orthodontic treatment is designed to align teeth. The extent of the teeth alignment and the device/appliances used depends on the aims & objectives of this treatment.

If the aim of the treatment is to align the teeth and correct the bite as well and if the patient is under 18 Years Old, the treatment offered would be a comprehensive treatment.

Timescale of such treatment would depend on the level of alignment required but would range from 6 to aprox. 24 months.

comprehensive orthodontics


CompreCommonly known as “conventional” orthodontic treatment, this treatment is designed to correct your teeth alignment and upper and lower teeth relationship (your bite) and typically lasts 18-24 months.

During the course of a comprehensive orthodontic treatment, several types of braces are available namely, metal braces; ceramic, “tooth-colored” braces; or Clear removable aligners.

The goal of this more extensive treatment is to both straighten the teeth and correcting jaw the alignment.

The most notable differences between a cosmetic Orthodontic treatment and a comprehensive one are the aims and objectives of the treatment and length of time it takes to complete it.

The teenage years are ideal for having braces, although this is not exclusive and in recent years we see a growth in demand for both cosmetic and comprehensive Orthodontic treatments in adults as well.

At a younger age, we are able to work with natural bone growth to align teeth and create a healthy bite and produce the best orthodontic results.

There is also the social aspect of wearing braces. Whether you are an adult or a teenager, braced could be seen alienated and make people feel different.

The current popularity of orthodontic treatment and the growing demand for a healthy straight looking teeth make this treatment more socially acceptable. To help with this procedure, we offer clear braces for children as well as adults.

Cosmetic orthodontics


Cosmetic OkOnce the aims and objectives of the orthodontic treatment has been established, several methods will be discussed with you as to how we can align your teeth.

The two main methods are either a fixed clear braces or a removable trays (aligners) which will need to be worn at least 22 hours per day for a short duration of time.

The timescale of cosmetic orthodontics varies and depends on the level of alignment required, but generally ranges between 3-12 months.

This increasingly popular treatment which will allow to safely align your teeth regardless of your age in one or multiple acceptable methods.

Teeth alignment will improve your smile and restore your overall dental health!

The clinical situation of your teeth would dictate which method is the safest and fastest to align them.

Relapses, where patients worn braces in the past and the teeth moved back to the initial position are unfortunately very common. Usually it results from ill-fitting retainers or the lack of retention at all.

During the course of orthodontic treatment, you will be offered 2 types of retainers.

Retainer Wdp 1A Fixed Retainer and a Removable (night time) Retainer

These will ensure the final position of your teeth in the long term.

There is no age limit to orthodontic treatment. Teeth can be aligned at any age, providing that the gums are healthy and the bone support to the teeth is undamaged.

Adult orthodontic is becoming ever so popular and the demand is on the increase.

Instead of an aggressive preparation of teeth for crowns or veneers, a cosmetic orthodontic approach would allow the alignment of the front teeth for best aesthetic outcome and this can often be followed up by a composite build ups to repair any chipped or irregular surfaces.

For more information and understanding, please check our case studies.

Cost: A single arch Cfast or similar From £2,500, Dual arch From £3,500

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