Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple and effective procedure to improve and enhance your beautiful smile.

This treatment will allow you to have a fresher look, cleaner smile and younger appearance. Generally teeth can become stained due to heavy smoking, certain drinks (tea, coffee) and a variety of food.

The treatment we provide at WDP will be completed with a proven excellent results!

How it works

We will initially start by de-scaling your teeth from any plaque, stains and tartar build ups. A special digital tooth shade-guide will be used to determine the current shade of your teeth.

Dental impressions will be taken to prepare a customized clear tray for your teeth. Once this is ready, you will be provided with both the trays and a special medically approved Carbamide or Hydrogen peroxide gel for an initial 14 days home use.

Once this procedure is completed, you will be recalled for a review, where we will re-assess the shade of your teeth and record the progress. Should the shade will still be insufficiently white, we will repeat the initial stage, until we are able to get the desirable result.

This is a safe, long term and most predictable procedure, which will enhance your teeth colour and make you very confident.

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Monday-Friday: 08:30-17:30|Sat: On Demand

 95 Alton Road, Bournemouth, BH10 4AD

01202 517474


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