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A dental examination is designed to assess your oral tissues (teeth, gums, cheeks, lips etc.) and establish how healthy your mouth is. Following the examination, a thorough discussion will take place covering the findings and how any apparent problem can be addressed.

If you have had a more advanced treatment such as orthodontics or dental implants, the outcomes of these treatments will be monitored and any maintenance required will be discussed.

Such thorough examination, helps you and your dentist to assess the current and future needs, so all treatment options available to you can be discussed together.


Before proceeding with any advance treatment, such as dental implants and/or orthodontic treatment, you will be required to to go through a comprehensive dental examination.

 Generally, the following areas are inspected during your dental examination: 

Your face, head and neck

The area under your jaw.

Your lips, cheeks, throat, and under your tongue.

Your teeth will be checked for broken fillings or decay, and your gums for any signs of inflammation and gum disease.

Your bite (occlusion) and any wear patterns associated with missing teeth, stress or age related.

Further investigations may involve x-rays, impressions or photographs.

Generally, the findings will be compared with the last examination findings to check for any changes.

The outcomes will be explained in detail and a discussion will take place as to what treatment may be most appropriate, alternative treatment options, potential risks involved and the benefits of such treatment, as well as an estimated cost that may be involved.

Emergency Dental Treatment


For an existing patient at Wallisdown Dental Practice who has a dental emergency during our opening hours, please try to contact reception in the morning, as spaces allocated each day for emergencies are limited.

Out-of-hours advice is available via email. You are welcome to leave us a voicemail and we will contact you as soon as we can. A callout fee of £99 in addition to any treatment costs applies.


If you are a new patient to the practice and need an emergency dental treatment, please call us during opening hours, so we will make arrangements to register you and arrange your appointment. The dentist will need to carry out a full dental examination and take the relevant x-rays to establish you current dental health before proceeding to treat your dental problem.

If you are a non-registered patient and the surgery is closed, you can obtain advice from the NHS helpline on 111.


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